November 17, 2011

Please detail your experience with emergency situations and give an example of how you handled one situation (i.e. fire alarm, tornado, drowning, lost child, etc.).


Last summer we had an unconscious victim on our pool deck.  We initiated our emergency action plan and called 911.  I began to check air, breathing and circulation.   The victim has a faint pulse and shallow breathing but was not conscious.  We carefully removed the victim from the sun and put in him a position for potential AED and CPR.  We learned from the victimâ??s family that he was a diabetic.  Since we did not know whether the victimâ??s blood sugar was too high or too low and the victim was unconscious we I chose to not attempt to give any beverages or medication.  Shortly after, our guards who were waiting on the street corner ushered the EMTâ??s to the scene.  We transferred all necessary information to the EMTs and 20 minutes later the victim walked off of the pool deck.

Coming from an aquatic background I routinely drill my staff in emergency situations.  We conduct in-services and assure that each staff knows what their role and responsibility when the Emergency Action Plan is activated.